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How to use it

Once VSShell Assist is installed, you need to open Visual Studio 2008, and create or open an existing VShell Isolated solution.

In order to use VSShell Assist, you need to enable the VSShell Assist "Guidance Package" with the solution.
You do this by following the steps:
  1. Select the "Tools" menu and select "Guidance Package Manager"
  2. Click on the "Enable/Disable packages" button
  3. Check the "VSShell Assist" guidance package in the list
  4. Click OK and close the ‘Guidance Package Manager’ window



Available guidance





Note: For the Create pkgdef file Recipe, If it is a new VSIP Package Project, it must be compiled once to see the menu

In-Context Guidance

Guidance Navigator Window

Once VSShell Assist is enabled for the solution, the "Guidance Navigator Window" will be activated and display details about the available guidance.
If the window is not visible, you can open it by clicking on the "View\Other Windows\Guidance Navigator Window" vs menu.



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